At FIDE FORUM, we serve the highest level of leadership in the financial services sector, the Board of Directors. We recognise that it is our privilege to serve and represent the Leader of leaders in the market and we seek to deliver value-added services to our Members through various initiatives under each strategic thrust:

  1. Engagement with Members: We create a network of Directors and be the “Voice” of Member Directors
    • Provide a platform for directors to network, share views and recommendations on matters affecting the financial industry.
    • Examples of our initiatives include Focus Groups, Industry Consultation, Working Committees and Dialogue Sessions with Senior Management of regulatory bodies.
  2. Expansion of Board talent pool: Build talent pipeline and be the preferred choice of talent pool for professional Directors of financial institutions. 
    • Exclusive access to the Directors Register, a pool of suitably qualified talents with diverse skills for directorship appointment to boards of financial institutions, to meet board succession planning and talent needs.
  3. Education of Board leaders: Build Director’s continuous development programme
    • Dialogue with experts, world-renowned specialists and practitioners on pertinent issues of interest to the Board in a practical and timely manner. 
    • Our programmes are specially designed following Instructional Systems Design methodology and Adult Learning Principles.
  4. Enlightenment in Corporate Governance practices: Be the “Thought Leader” on corporate governance best practices
    • Exclusive access to thought leadership research and studies in the area of corporate governance leadership at boards of financial institutions.
We continuously strive to enhance Members’ experience of our services. We look forward to serving you.