Banking on Digital Growth

04 November 2019, The Edge


Diversifying the Board for the Technology Age

23 February 2019, The Edge


Building Competent Board Leaders

23 May 2018, The Edge


FIDE FORUM Launches Book, App

14 December 2017, New Straits Times

It aims to promote corporate governance and help directors better serve their organisations.

Good board leadership enhances strong corporate governance

14 December 2017, The Malay Mail

Strong corporate governance in financial institutions (FIs) is driven by good board leadership...

Buku panduan pengarah FI dilancar

14 December 2017, Berita Harian

FIDE FORUM (the FORUM), Persatuan Alumni Pengarah Institusi Kewangan (FI) di Malaysia, semalam melancarkan buku panduan bertajuk DNA of a Board Leader...

Setting the benchmark

17 September 2016, The Star

FIDE FORUM sets sight on shaping up directors for the financial sector.

Enlarging talent pool of Fl directors

17 September 2016, Focus Malaysia

FIDE FORUM strives to identify capable directors for financial institutions