Shaping a Collaborative and Diverse Board

At FIDE FORUM, we set, review, and drive global standards that deliver great value for all financial directors and institutions. We want to impact the financial industry of all backgrounds positively.

Our Directors Register is designed with an intersectional lens by our team of diversity, equity, and inclusion experts.

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Forming Strong Leadership

The Directors Register is a collaborative effort of FIDE FORUM, Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) and BNM. With 600 members and a growing board-consulting services, we have accumulated game-changing insights on various issues that boards will encounter.

We can identify, assess, and develop director candidates from diverse backgrounds. Our consultants' collective expertise allows us to understand better and anticipate your talent requirements. Our expansive reach also enables us to be creative regarding talent solutions; you can expect to meet candidates who don't show up in traditional databases and bring a diversity of all kinds.

Driving Performance and Innovation

Our Directors Register combines advisory and search capabilities to support you define the talent you require, understanding your current skills gap and realise the full potential of your organisation.

Our research-based Board Leadership Framework and robust admission process cultivate a strong director talent pool who are agile, accomplished, and impactful individuals who create value throughout the entire financial ecosystem.

How We Develop Talent Pool

Defining organisational goals, vision, mission

We look into aligning organisation aspirations and values with talent-expected performance outcomes. We examine both the organisational assets and the gaps. We prepare candidates that will assist the organisation in navigating the challenges ahead.

Impacting our society

We measure a candidate's accomplishment with how it has impacted the communities relevant to your organisation and build a profile around your key stakeholders and investors. Having diversity in perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and education adds so much to your board's ability to solve problems creatively.

Identifying Game-Changing Leaders

A successful leader encourages and inspires everyone behind a common purpose towards common goals. Our assessment identifies an individual's mindset, capabilities, and accountability needed to perform and transform and secure the long-term success of your organisation and impact the entire ecosystem.