Directors Register

A Game Changer

FIDE FORUM recognises that the effectiveness of a board in discharging its fiduciary duty depends significantly on the experience, expertise, knowledge and skills and leadership of its directors, both individually and collectively. Thus, Directors Register, a Register of board talent, is a strategic initiative to promote board diversity and enhance governance by providing a pool of suitably qualified candidates for directorship appointments to boards of financial institutions licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).   

The Directors Register is a collaborative effort of FIDE FORUM, Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) and BNM. It is a game changing initiative which provides a new source of board talent for financial services industry.


Directors Register Enhances Overall Board Composition

The Register strategically enhances the overall board composition through various perspectives - board diversity, board succession planning, optimal board size and the need for comprehensive board nomination processes.

Board Leadership Framework
is customised to meet the needs 
of boards of licensed financial institutions 
in Malaysia


FIDE FORUM’S Board Leadership Framework

In ensuring quality of board talent, a Board Leadership Profile is developed and set against ‘best in class’ standards 
tailored to the needs of boards of Licensed Financial Institutions (LFIs) in the Malaysian context. The Profile provides 
LFIs with a greater understanding of their candidates’ key strengths in experiences, competencies, traits and drivers 
through a comprehensive report. 

This Framework is based on ‘Four Dimensions of Leadership and Talent’, a state-of-the-art tool for identifying talent 
developed by Korn Ferry, an international organisational and people advisory firm.

Korn Ferry’s Four Dimentions of Leadership and Talent Framework

A Robust Admission Process

FIDE FORUM has incorporated the art and science of board leadership selection in its processes.

Request for Board Talent Information

FIDE FORUM’s member LFIs are given exclusive access to the Directors Register to shortlist and select 
candidates who meet their respective directorship requirements.


FIDE FORUM’s Directors Register 
is a register of board talents
who meet the requirements agreed by 
key stakeholders in the financial services industry

Benefits of sourcing a board talent from the Directors Register
  • A diverse pool of professionals for your selection with different skillsets and experiences to enhance board composition and succession planning
  • Candidates have a high level of independence 
  • Candidates are Board-ready upon admission after undertaking a comprehensive board leadership identification process
  • Leverages on Korn Ferry’s Four Dimensions of Leadership and Talent, which adopts ‘best in class’ standards
  • A comprehensive report on candidates’ strengths focussing on experiences, competencies, traits and drivers
  • A robust admission process through leadership profiling and ‘chats’ with candidates
  • A professional selection process that matches candidates to Licensed Financial Institutions’ requirements
  • A cost effective search platform

Benefits of Joining the Directors Register
  • An opportunity to join boards of Licensed Financial Institutions
  • A professional process with specific criteria for admission 
  • Expand your current network as your curriculum vitae will be shared with LFIs 
  • Join a network of professionals with similar aspirations to serve on boards of LFIs 
  • Your information will be handled in strict confidence

How to source for Board talents from FIDE FORUM

Please call 03-21737495 or email for further information.