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Frequently Asked Questions

FIDE FORUM stands for “Financial Institutions Directors’ Education FORUM”. It is an alumni association for Directors of Financial Institutions who have participated, either completed or currently on-going, in FIDE Programme.
FIDE FORUM is the initiative of alumni members of FIDE Programme.
Vision – To be the leader in promoting corporate governance excellence in Boards of Financial Institutions.

Mission – We promote best corporate governance practices amongst Boards of Financial Institutions by leveraging the strengths and experiences of our members.
FIDE stands for “Financial Institutions Directors’ Education” and it generally seeks to enhance boardroom governance within the financial sector and advocates best practices and excellence in corporate governance. Under the FIDE banner, there are two separate institutions providing complementary services to achieve this aim:
  • FIDE Programme, which provides structured education programmes for directors and potential directors of financial institutions. FIDE Programme is administered by The Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre; and

  • FIDE FORUM, which complements the learning at FIDE Programme by providing its alumni members continuous professional development, access to various research, and other resources that could help members achieve the aim of FIDE FORUM as stated above. FIDE FORUM’s day-to-day operations are overseen by the Chief Executive Officer appointed by FIDE FORUM’s Board of Directors and who reports to the Chairman of the Board. The current Chief Executive Officer of FIDE FORUM is Ms. Lim Lai Hong.
FIDE FORUM’s activities are exclusive and accessible to members only. 
Some of the benefits of membership are as follows: 
  • Exclusive invitations to meetings and discussions with regulators, e.g. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM), on matters of interest to Directors;
  • Network and exchange ideas with other member Directors in the industry;
  • Experience FIDE FORUM’s structured Directors’ continuous professional development plan;
  • Unlimited access to Research Materials and Reports prepared by Consultants or Subject Matter Experts on relevant topics, e.g. Directors’ Remuneration package;
  • Right to access the Directors Register (the future pool of directors);
  • Special invitation, on a complimentary or preferential rate basis, to events and talks by renowned experts hosted by FIDE FORUM;
  • and much more...
FIDE FORUM membership consists of three classes of members as follows:
  • Group Corporate Membership – Group Corporate Membership is open to Financial Groups that are under the purview of BNM with four (4) or more subsidiary institutions and would include directors of any international subsidiary companies of the Financial Group. Each financial institution under the Group should have sent their board of directors to attend the FIDE Programme in order for the particular institution to be considered as part of that Group for the purpose of Group Corporate Membership; or
  • Corporate Membership – Corporate Membership is open to all financial institutions that are under the purview of BNM and have sent their board of directors to attend the FIDE Programme. The Corporate Membership automatically allows all board members of the organisation to participate in all FIDE FORUM activities and events; or
  • Individual Membership – Individual Membership is open to individuals who have completed the FIDE Programme and shall include :
    • Chief Executive Officers and C-Suites of financial institutions who are not board members of their institutions;
    • foreign directors of financial institutions that do not have a business presence or branch in Malaysia; and
    • alumni members who are no longer on the board of any financial institution. 
    This automatically allows the individual members to participate in all FIDE FORUM's activities and events.

Application for membership is subject to approval by the FIDE FORUM’s Board of Directors and payment of annual membership fees.
The current annual membership fee by membership categories are as follows: 
  • Group Corporate Membership - RM100,000.00 per annum
  • Corporate Membership - RM25,000.00 per annum
  • Individual Membership - RM500.00 per annum
FIDE FORUM is a non-profit organisation. It is funded by membership fees.