Focus Group Session - Discussion in Preparation for Dialogue with BNM's Senior Management

Event Date 01 MAR 2017
One of the benefits of a FIDE FORUM (FORUM) Member is to be part of the collective voice in engagement with regulators.

In view of the forthcoming 4th BNM – FIDE FORUM Annual Dialogue to be held on 27 March, the FORUM organised 2 exclusive focus group sessions for our Member directors to deliberate on substantive issues to be collectively raised with BNM’s Senior Management. The FORUM organised 2 separate sessions for the purpose of according sufficient focus on the banking and insurance sectors.

Focus Group 1 (morning session)
For the Conventional Banking, Islamic Banking, Investment Banking and Development Financial Institution (DFI) Businesses
The discussion was chaired by the Vice Chair of the FORUM’s Board of Directors, Datuk Zaiton Mohd Hassan.

Focus Group 2 (afternoon session)
For the Insurance and Takaful Businesses 
The discussion was chaired by Datuk Kamaruddin Taib, a member of the FORUM’s Board of Directors.

At the focus groups, Members were able to -
  • Discuss and share views on some key trends and developments in the domestic and international economic environment.
  • Discuss current and future issues and challenges in the banking, Islamic banking, investment banking and development financial institution businesses (Focus Group 1) and insurance and Takaful businesses (Focus Group 2).
  • Propose collective views on substantive matters for discussion.

Members contributed and shared their views on the economy and the financial services sector and their collective views and areas for discussions are reflected in the attachment “Summary of Key Matters”.

Members are welcome to sign in to view the summary of key matters.