FIDE FORUM's Board Effectiveness Evaluation Industry Briefing (Session 2)

Event Date 02 APR 2021

Board Effectiveness Evaluation is critical in strengthening overall board performance. We recognise, however, that despite the best of intentions, issues of practicality, confidentiality, objectivity, comprehensiveness and meaningfulness arise when completing the board evaluation exercise and these, in turn, often cast doubt on the overall usefulness of the exercise itself. Various issues continue to exist regardless of whether a board effectiveness evaluation exercise is conducted internally or externally by a third party. 
Recognising this, FIDE FORUM embarked on this journey to develop a robust Board Effectiveness Evaluation framework that is customised and contextualised for the boards of financial institutions in Malaysia. This study aims to deliver practical and fit-for-purpose framework, approach and tools that are focused on the most important aspects that influence a board’s performance.

Agenda (Session 2)

Date: Wednesday, 2 April 2021
Time: 10.00am - 11.30am
Venue: Online Webinar via Webex (We will provide the webinar link and login guide to all registered participants prior to the event)