4th BNM–FIDE FORUM Annual Dialogue with Deputy Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia

Event Date 27 MAR 2017
The 4th BNM-FF Annual Dialogue marked another successful dialogue with the regulators. A total of 64 FIDE FORUM members had a productive and engaging dialogue with senior management of BNM. The BNM delegation was led by Deputy Governor Dr Sukudhew Singh, while the FORUM was led by Tan Sri Clifford Herbert together with members of the FORUM board members, Datuk Kamaruddin, Ms Pushparani and Mr Choong Tuck Oon, and its CEO, Ms Lim Lai Hong. The briefing and dialogue was organised as an exclusive event for our members to engage with senior officials of BNM to discuss substantive matters that concern Boards with respect to the current and future developments in the economy and financial services industry.
The Deputy Governor briefed on the outlook of the Malaysian and world economy as well as insights into the current economic and financial issues in conjunction with the release of the BNM Annual Report 2016 and the Financial Stability and Payment Systems Report 2016. The briefing highlighted pertinent areas such as the areas of economic growth and developments in the financial services sector, which included areas of risk, development of a vibrant fintech ecosystem and focus of macro-surveillance and supervisory activities in 2017. 

The Briefing ended with a Dialogue Session, chaired by the Deputy Governor. The FORUM had succeeded in providing a platform for board directors to engage with the regulators and present their views on the current and future state of the economy and financial services sector. Most areas raised in the FORUM’s note, “A Summary of Key Matters” were well deliberated.
Members are welcome to sign in to view the presentation slides and summary of key matters.